sky-scrapperFront elements for sky-scrapers were ferried from Lithuania to Sweden.

Ingstad, the member of ACEX in Lithuania, delivered front elements with glasses for the sky-scrapers from Vilnius to Stockholm.  The cargo consisted of 10 trucks. Some of the front modules reached 3.8 m in height that is why the delivery was executed by means of the low-frame semi-trailers with the height of 0,9 from the road surface.

“Before the delivery we sent a truck to check the height of the bridges and viaducts in order to be sure that the transportation will be possible,” tells Egidijus Prievelis, the logistics manager. “The ferry from Riga to Stockholm refused to accept the vehicle of such height, so we had to find an alternative route.”

The company specialists decided to use the ferry line from the port of Ventspils to Nynäshamn and then from Nynäshamn to deliver the cargo to Stockholm. This route consisted of many bridges and in order to overpass one of them the trucks went along the middle lane of the highway on the air pillows of semi-trailer which were lowered to the minimum level.

Thanks to professional approach of the company specialists the delivery was carried out successfully and in time.

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