A new member of the Alliance is Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency from Iran. The company was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Tehran and a branch office in Bandar Abbas. Among the rendered services there are air, sea, rail and multimodal transportations.


A lot of attention today is paid to the development of international relations between Russia and Iran. For instance, the construction of the western feeder of the North – South railway route that would reduce the amount of time and cost of cargo freight from China and India to Europe and introduction of green channels and unified customs standards were among the key topics of the Tehran summit that took place in November, 2017. Implementation of the projects will have a positive impact on the development of Russian – Iranian relations related to import and export via Iran.

Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency have already announced their interest in the increase of trade volume in regards to European countries, Russia, CIS, Balkan Regions, South Caucasus and their expectations regarding their membership in the Alliance. “The main reasons of joining several networks is presenting our country and introducing how safe can be trade conditions in this sector of Persian Gulf and Middle East and creating new markets and demands in the region to encourage traders and partners to use this secured route,” Farzad Saffarzadeh, CEO at Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency comments on their joining the Alliance. “We can learn much from our friends, partners and counter parts and I believe that all partners should educate each other about the rules and regulations in their regions”.

Within the framework of the Alliance Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency has already started cooperation with other ACEX members in regards to implementation of the joint projects.


Details at: https://acexgroup.net/en/partners/news/2010/




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