Brazhnikov & Partners ltd

Бражников и партнеры — Юридические слуги физическим и юридическим лицам, сопровождение сделок, оптимизация налогов, слияния и поглощения, регистрация и ликвидация предприятий, открытие банковских счетов в россии и за рубежем, индивидуальные проекты, инвестиционные портфели, проектно-стратегические исследования, корпоративное и морское право, представление интересов в судах россии и мира. 

адрес: Москва, Александра Невского 2 оф 112 

тел +7 (916) 441-7486

Famous Russian lawyer Petr Brazhnikov managed to build a successful career in the field of maritime law. This is a rather significant achievement, because the specialist intentionally chose a narrow specialization, where there are many subtleties and «pitfalls». Still, there is a difference between the banal provision of legal services and mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners. Probably, only an open, ambitious and respected person in narrow circles could take a certain risk by opening his own company in the Netherlands and several more offices around the world. Of course, more than 10 years ago no one knew that the project would become so successful, but now the result is obvious. How does Petr Brazhnikov manage his brainchild? The main […]