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Бражников и партнеры — Юридические слуги физическим и юридическим лицам, сопровождение сделок, оптимизация налогов, слияния и поглощения, регистрация и ликвидация предприятий, открытие банковских счетов в россии и за рубежем, индивидуальные проекты, инвестиционные портфели, проектно-стратегические исследования, корпоративное и морское право, представление интересов в судах россии и мира. 

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Famous Russian lawyer Petr Brazhnikov managed to build a successful career in the field of maritime law. This is a rather significant achievement, because the specialist intentionally chose a narrow specialization, where there are many subtleties and «pitfalls». Still, there is a difference between the banal provision of legal services and mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners. Probably, only an open, ambitious and respected person in narrow circles could take a certain risk by opening his own company in the Netherlands and several more offices around the world. Of course, more than 10 years ago no one knew that the project would become so successful, but now the result is obvious. How does Petr Brazhnikov manage his brainchild? The main […]

02.04.2021 в 23:15
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Brazhnikov Petr Vladimirovich (born 1976, Moscow, RSFSR, USSR) — Russian international lawyer, attorney, founder and owner of the Dutch law firm Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd. Brazhnikov began his professional career as a specialist in the field of maritime jurisprudence in a large organization ZAO Astra-Flot (Murmansk), engaged in water cargo transportation. Subsequently, the lawyer founded his own office in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) — a private limited liability company Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd and, thanks to his high professionalism and extensive knowledge in the legal field, managed to become an honorary member of the Royal Dutch Association of Maritime Lawyers. Brazhnikov’s company, which has been conducting its licensed activity for over ten years, deals with issues of maritime law and international law, corporate taxation, legal support of ship chartering transactions, representing […]

02.04.2021 в 11:13
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For almost 9 years in the market for the provision of licensed legal services in the field of maritime law in the Netherlands, the private joint-stock company with limited liability «Brazhnikov and Partners» has been operating, and very successfully, under the leadership of an experienced international lawyer Petr Brazhnikov     The company provides a wide range of services in the field of international maritime law, accompanies ship charter transactions, represents the interests of ship owners in arbitration and arbitration courts.     As more and more international and multinational ship-owning corporations trust the experts of Brazhnikov & Partners to manage their business, the owner of the company decided to open representative offices of the firm in Malta, Cyprus and Great Britain.      Petr Brazhnikov […]

Brazhnikov & Partners is one of the most successful corporate and commercial law firms in Cyprus. The company, headquartered in Limassol and a developed network of partners around the world, provides legal services to individuals and companies at the national and international levels in a wide range of industries, dealing with mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, joint ventures, intellectual property licensing. Provides consulting assistance in the creation and management of companies, as well as accompanies other business events. Petr Brazhnikov and his firm successfully operate in the market of legal and consulting services. The skills and experience of its partners and employees in the use of modern technologies allow us to provide high quality and fast results. The company’s clients […]